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August 2021

This Month's Topics

TNSR® Software
  • TNSR Customer Story: US Army Cyber School
  • TNSR Application Spotlight: High-Throughput Site-to-Site IPsec
  • Using TNSR API Endpoints

pfSense® Software

  • pfSense Plus 21.05.1 Software Now Available
  • Appliance Spotlight: Netgate 6100 with pfSense Plus Software
  • pfSense User Story: Cintra Chooses pfSense Software for AWS and Oracle Cloud Access

Other News

  • pfSense Plus Training
  • We Would Love Your Feedback
  • Netgate Tech Tip of the Month

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TNSR Customer Story: U.S. Army Cyber School


The US Army Cyber School (USACS) has been a pfSense software user for years. However, when they came to us with a specific set of requirements: a high-performance, scalable, robust, low-cost, network forwarding and security solution that can efficiently run on inexpensive but powerful commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. Our response was TNSR software, built upon Vector Packet Processing (VPP) from - a Linux Foundation Networking project to which Netgate has made significant technology contributions.

To learn more about how USACS leveraged TNSR software read their customer story.

Learn how you can get started with TNSR software. 


TNSR Application Spotlight: High-Throughput Site-to-Site IPsec

Do you have key workloads moving to the cloud? Are business locations suffering from drinking through a straw’? Let TNSR supercharge your site-to-site VPN needs. The rise in worker mobility, distributed offices, and complex multi-cloud hosting of business applications is escalating organizations’ reliance on encryption. This puts computational strain on traditional VPN solutions, especially as bandwidth needs evolve from 1 to 10 to 40 Gbps or more.

Traditional router/VPN appliances buckle under the load - particularly when the packet traffic shifts towards IMIX. TNSR software shines at high-performance site-to-site IPsec, especially when compared to traditional solutions underpinned by kernel-based, single packet-at-a-time processing approaches.

For more TNSR use cases, videos, and datasheets, please visit our TNSR resource page


Using the TNSR API Endpoints

The TNSR API developer documentation provides in-depth reference information for using the RESTCONF API to implement networking, orchestration, cloud, automation, security functions, and much more. Browse the API documentation for how-to information and sample code.

Ready to get started with TNSR software? Explore all of the TNSR buying options here.


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pfSense Plus 21.05.1 Software Now Available

pfSense new release

Customers running pfSense Plus, or the Factory Edition of pfSense software version 2.4.5-p1 and older, can upgrade in-place automatically to pfSense Plus software version 21.05.1, as with any other previous upgrade.

This version is a maintenance release of pfSense Plus software containing several bug fixes, primarily for 32-bit ARM systems such as the Netgate 3100.

pfSense Plus software version 21.05.1-RELEASE updates are available now. For installation images, contact Netgate TAC.

This version of pfSense Plus software includes:

  • Corrections for performance regression on 32-bit ARM systems
  • Native package builds for 32-bit ARM systems
  • Workaround for PHP instability on Netgate 3100

For more details, see the Release Notes and Redmine.


Appliance Spotlight: Netgate 6100 with pfSense Plus Software


The Netgate 6100 is an ideal edge gateway solution for any organization in need of versatile WAN connectivity (1 to 10 Gbps WAN connections - across RJ45, SFP, and SFP+ ports) and high-performance LAN connectivity (4 discrete, unswitched 2.5 Gbps LAN ports), all in a fanless, desktop package starting at $699 USD.

You can learn more about the 6100 in this video.

Ready to order a Netgate 6100?
Buy Now


Cintra Chooses pfSense Plus Software for AWS and Oracle Cloud Access


When Cintra's incumbent OpenVPN solutions from Checkpoint® and Fortinet® were becoming too expensive to maintain, the cloud engineering team at Cintra, led by Mattia Rossi, started to look for a better approach for high-volume remote access.

Like many of our enterprise users, Mattia had been using pfSense software professionally for business premises deployments (as well as personally in his home) since 2009. It was an easy decision to leverage pfSense Plus software for cloud needs.

To learn more about why Cintra chose pfSense Plus software, read their story.


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Other News 

pfSense Plus Training


As the primary developer, sponsor, and official host of the pfSense project, Netgate offers the only authorized training and certification on pfSense Plus software. When you need to maintain or improve the security skills of your staff or offer highly specialized support to improve your customer satisfaction, Netgate is your best choice.

Start your self-paced training now and prepare for your pfSense Plus Certification!


We Would Love Your Feedback


Our customers purchase through different channels, including the Netgate store, our worldwide Partners, and the US Amazon marketplace. Regardless of where you purchased, we'd love to have your review, feedback, and rating directly on Amazon if you are using a Netgate SG-1100SG-2100SG-3100, or SG-5100. Amazon's retail marketplace is obviously highly visible, and customer reviews posted there help us spread the word about Netgate appliances and pfSense software - which ultimately helps us continue progressing the open-source project.

Beyond public reviews, we're always open to feedback and suggestions to improve our products and processes. There are many ways to reach out and talk with us!  Our sales team, TAC engineers, product management & marketing team, and customer care engineers are all passionate, knowledgeable, and happy to hear from you.


Netgate Tech Tip of the Month: Connecting to the WebGUI

Most of the configuration in pfSense is performed using the web-based GUI configurator (webConfigurator), or WebGUI for short. There are a few tasks that may also be performed from the console, whether it be a monitor and keyboard, over a serial port, or via SSH. This section of the pfSense documentation will guide you through connecting to the WebGUI.

Our extensive online documentation is available to help you through this and many other challenges.


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