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April 2019


  • High-Speed Routed IPsec
  • Now Available on Azure
  • Support Overview


  • SG-1100 in Stock
  • pfSense Cloud Customer Survey Winner
  • The pfSense Book

Other News

  • Share Austin
  • TNSR Trials
  • Netgate Tech Tip of the Month


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High-Speed Routed IPsec

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Are all of your applications in the same building as your users? Centralized data centers, cloud-based workloads, and remote sites all need secure, high-speed connectivity and routing flexibility. Routed IPsec solves those problems, but choose carefully! Getting to high speed IPsec can force organizations into vendor lock-in and exorbitantly expensive licensing. In our High Speed Routed IPsec brief, we show you how TNSR can give you the best price for performance, network agility, and deployment flexibility.







TNSR Now Available on Azure!

TNSR + Azure

TNSR delivers on the promise of cloud networking, with firewall, VPN and routing capabilities up to the maximum speed available. TNSR is available on the fastest Azure VMs. Right now, that's up to 30Gbps, but the cloud isn't standing still and neither is TNSR!

TNSR is a pure software networking solution that delivers 100 Gbps on the right hardware, so as bandwidth scales in the cloud, you'll be ready. Scale bandwidth, scale management, and build dynamic services to meet your needs with TNSR on Azure.



TNSR Support Overview


From branch office to enterprise — on-premises to cloud, our 24/7 global support team has you covered start to finish. 

First, access to the TNSR community forums is free. The forums serve as a watering hole where questions and issues can be directly addressed by knowledgable users and Netgate staff. Additionally, full TNSR documentation and our product resource library are free. These information sources provide in-depth guidance on both what you can do with TNSR and how to do it.

Access to our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) professionals is included in all TSNR software subscriptions. TNSR Business and TNSR Business Plus both offer direct access to TAC personnel, but are differentiated by Service Level Agreement (SLA) and communications channel. Find out the right TNSR product and level of support for your organization from our comparison on the support overview page



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SG-1100 Back in Stock


1100 back in stock


The SG-1100 is Netgate’s replacement for the highly successful SG-1000 and we were overwhelmed by the initial orders. We are now fully restocked and fulfilling current orders and can't wait to get them in the hands of our customers. 

If you are not aware of how the SG-1100 compares in terms of performance, be sure to look back at the "Netgate’s New SG-1100 Punches WAY Above Its Weight" blog from January. 


pfSense Cloud Customer Survey Winner

We want to thank everyone who participated in the pfSense Cloud Customer survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

As stated in the survey, we randomly picked a winner out of the participants and that person is Steven Tremayne! 

Again congrats to Steven and thanks to all for your participation. 


The pfSense Book 

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If you have, or are looking into, pfSense for your home or business, the pfSense book is a great resource. It contains thoroughly detailed information and continually updated instructions, from the core developers themselves, on how to best operate pfSense software. 

This book is designed to be a friendly guide to common networking and security tasks along with a thorough reference for the capabilities of pfSense software. The pfSense Book covers the following topics (and more!):

  • An introduction to pfSense software and its features
  • Firewall design and hardware planning
  • Installing and upgrading pfSense software
  • Using the web-based configuration interface
  • Backing up and restoring the firewall configuration
  • Firewalling fundamentals including defining and troubleshooting rules


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Other News 

Share Austin


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If you are a customer who recently purchased an SG-1100 you may have noticed that the inside the box includes some artwork of Austin landmarks. With the culture and heritage of Austin having a direct influence on Netgate we wanted to share what makes Austin unique.

If you follow Netgate on social media you may have seen some customer submitted photos of their boxes on Twitter and Facebook. We encourage you to share these as well and also our Share Austin page. 


TNSR Trials

Trial v1,2

Evaluation licenses of 
TNSR Business and TNSR Enterprise are still availableOur TNSR Business trial lets you take a full-featured test drive for up to 120 days risk-free while our Enterprise trial has a higher level of support and is perpetual for a given release version (one instance only).



Netgate Tech Tip of the Month

Zero to PingCustomers just getting started with TNSR will find this Zero-to-Ping document valuable. This document is a crash course in getting TNSR up and running quickly after installation, going over the following:

1. First Login

2. Changing the Password

3. Interface Configuration

4. TNRS Interfaces

5. NAT

6. DHCP Server

7. DNS Server

8. Ping 


As always, if you have questions or feedback for TNSR you can let us know by posting in our TNSR board on the Netgate forum


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