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Everyone must adapt. Fast. Effectively. Economically.

These are unprecedented times. All organizations, small businesses, and individuals must adapt to the harsh reality of COVID-19.

Lockdown. Shelter in place. Social Distancing. They are all necessary.

But those measures do not need to stop any organization cold, regardless of size or means.


Here is how Netgate can help. Right now.

1. FREE VPN.  If you need to deploy a POWERFUL, PROVEN and FREE VPN (or fast scale beyond your existing VPN), here is a blog that will tell you everything you need to get up and running fast with pfSense® software.


2. SCALE YOUR VPN BY LEVERAGING THE CLOUD. If you are interested in how other companies are leveraging the cloud to quickly avert VPN congestion from an onslaught of new remote workers, here is a great pfSense user story.


3. FREE AND REDUCED RATE SUPPORT. If you are overwhelmed and just need specific guidance, we've changed our support line up for you. Get details on FREE “zero to ping” support, Free VPN configuration and connection support, or a reduced rate pfSense TAC support subscription here.


4.FIRST RESPONDER AND HEALTH CARE PROVIDER LIFELINE. Last, but far from least, if your organization is a first responder, or front-line healthcare provider, and you need assistance above and beyond what is covered above, contact us. We will do as much as we can on a case-by-case basis, whether you are running pfSense software on a Netgate appliance or not.

COVID-19 knows no borders. We're all in this together. And together, we'll get through it.


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